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With over 8 years of experience in the automotive interior and upholstery trade, we pride ourselves in being a specialist for Caterham and Lotus steering wheels retrims.
We also provide retrims for all other makes and models along with small interior retrims for car enthusiasts worldwide.
Here at Krossstitch UK we understand the importance of a clean interior.
Our range of products will keep your interior fresh and preserve your upholstery to help prolong that new car finish it once had.
High Quality

Have it your way!

Visually see how your wheel can look today with our exceptional configuration tool that offers thousands of different designs that can be fully tailored to you! We also offer a complete custom embroidery of your chosen design.

Send us your wheel today and we will do the rest!

Not Just   wheels! 

Krossstitch UK understands the importance of keeping your new interior in the best shape possible. Our range of products will do just that, keeping your interior fresh and to preserve your upholstery to help prolong that new car finish.
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