Momo 260 Wheel

Momo 260 Wheel


We know it's exciting to get your Momo wheel all trimmed and looking great, but there are a few things we need to bring to your attention before you get started.

Please read the two items in the description below, before heading over to build your dream wheel.

If you have read and agree with all of the below, you are now free to build your wheel! Click the configure button below.

*By choosing to configure a wheel you agree that you have read and understood all the terms laid out in the description.

Please Read


Wheel not included!

The service we offer is for a wheel re-trim only, we do not supply the Momo Steering wheel.


Will you be ordering a Center Pad  in your configuration?

If you are ordering a wheel re-trim and will be choosing for the center pad to be trimmed; this cost is purely for trimming the center pad (materials and labour). If you don't have a center pad but would like one and would like it trimmed, we can supply one. Simply add one to your basket for £29 and we will do the rest.


Will you be ordering a Half 'n' Half Wheel  in your configuration?

If you are ordering the Half 'n' Half option in your configuration, there will be an initial check of the wheel substrate upon receiving your wheel. Some wheels (momo 280 for example) have a much softer substrate which makes trimming it in a Half 'n' Half style near impossible. If, after inspection, the substrate is found to be too soft, we can either send the wheel back to you or we can trim the wheel in a single material.

"Really pleased with mine, Joe recovered it over two years ago
and after 10,000 miles it still looks like new."
Guy Lowe

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